Rodrick's Unicorns

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Quick facts:

Unicorn's nostrils are located at the inner corners of their eyes. Their sense of smell is better than a human's.

They're omnivores.

They all have simultaneous hermaphroditism. All unicorns have the productive organs to get pregnant and get others pregnant.

Though their fur appears to be an off-white color, their skin underneath is a quite dark purple, almost black.

They come in many different shapes, sizes, and fur textures.

A basic sketch of unicorn anatomy.
Diagram #1: A basic sketch of unicorn anatomy

Their Claws

Unicorns’ hands feature retractable claws that don’t retract all the way.

Along with their sharp teeth, they're used for tearing open prey and self-defense.

A diagram of unicorns' retractable claws.
Diagram #2: Claws rectracted and unretracted